Ash Wednesday



Today is Ash Wednesday. If you’re Catholic or receive ashes on your forehead, you know this is just a special day where you will be told an infinite amount of times that you have something on your forehead. By the end of the day, you will probably be annoyed because you keep getting told that there is something on your forehead. You may feel the urge to respond like…


“No, really? There’s something on my forehead.”

However, I urge you to try your best to not become infuriated by the same exact question and the various stares you will receive. Use this Ash Wednesday as a time to inform and educate. If everyone knew when and what Ash Wednesday was, they wouldn’t ask you what’s on your forehead. So, whenever someone tells you that you have something on your forehead, inform them that you have Ashes on your forehead for Ash Wednesday, it could and can be the start of a wonderful and enlightening conversation.

Just today as I was getting a tuna Subway sandwich since we cannot eat meat today. The lady making my sandwich informed me that I had something on my forehead and it provided me with the opportunity to tell her about Ash Wednesday and Lent. Believe it or not, I cannot make this stuff up, but when I left, she told me to “ash on.”



So be kind to the people who tell you that something is on your forehead. Educate and inform them because after all, we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

God Bless

T Diehl

Lent: Sacrificial or Beneficial?

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and that means the start of Lent. Lent is 40 days of fasting in preparation for Easter- the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Typically for Lent, you make a scrifice for 40 days. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday as I said, but I still have not decided what I am going to sacrifice. But, I’ve been thinking about doing something positive, like a pay it forward once a week because believe it or not one act of kindness can dramatically change someone’s mood and even day.

For example, today, I was getting a car inspection. However, the lady behind was going to have to wait an extra 20 minutes because of my inspection. So, me being the 19-year-old no-real-responsibility person I am, I let her go in front of me because I won’t be doing anything productive in the next 20 minutes nor can I say I can do anything productive in 20 minutes. She was so grateful because she had kids to attend to at home, she even gave me some money to get some coffee haha (P.S I tried to refuse the money but when a nice lady is pleading for you to take coffee money, you don’t reject)

So, the point of this is not to brag about “how great of a person I am because I let a lady’s car be inspected before mine,” I don’t believe that AT ALL nor do I think that makes me a good person. But, my point is that me waiting 20 more minutes benefitted someone’s day. Who knows how a random act of kindness can benefit someone in your life.

I think it’s important to recognize that you don’t have to just sacrifice something like soda for Lent, but you can do something positive. I think  we too often think of Lent as “What am I going to give up?” instead of “What is something positive I can do?”
So, how are you going to do effect someone’s life today?

P.S Don’t expect something in return everytime you do something nice, like coffee money haha

God Bless

T Diehl

Expectation VS Reality

The expectation of college is attending one University for four years, graduating, and landing a job, but  it’s much more complicated…

I am currently only a second-semester Freshman and have basically been enrolled in three colleges. Now this may sound like I don’t have my life together and I kind of don’t, but I have my faith in the big man upstairs and his plan.

So, three colleges you say, how?


Well, I started at St. Edward’s University Fall of 2016 and by the end of the semester, I decided I did not want to attend St. Edward’s anymore. Mostly because I thought I wanted to major in Catechetics (theology of the Catholic church) and well they didn’t offer Catechetics as a major.



So, I left to Franciscan University come Spring 2017 because they have one of the best Catechetic programs in the US. My mom and I drove 19 hours all the way to Ohio and moved me into my dorm. The whole weekend I was a wreck because I was not 100% confident in my decision to go to Franciscan, I wasn’t committed. Also, my mom and I are super close and I am generally really close to my family and now I was going to be so far away. Yes, I knew how far away the school was prior to leaving, but before leaving I was confident in my decision, but being there I wasn’t even confident that I wanted to major in Catechetics. Also, if I would have stayed I would have had A LOT of student loans and would have spent A LOT of money flying back and forth. So, the Sunday my mom was supposed to fly home, we ended up driving home back to Texas. We packed up dorm and left Steubenville, Ohio by 11 AM and were home in Texas by 5 AM Monday. You can say my mom is pretty much the best to trust my decision to come home and well let me.
So, now I am here in Texas about to start late start classes at my local community college while having a part time job.


So, no you don’t pick one university and stay there all four years, it’s not a straight shot, it’s much more complicated. College may not be the best four years of your life. College is really fun and confusing at times, but you learn so much about yourself becasue of the decisons you have to make.

-T Diehl

Why college UTTERLY and COMPLETELY sucks, but also ROCKS at the same time.

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College: the place where you receive an education, meet your soul mate, and figure out your career for the rest of your life… no pressure

Yet, you hear so many people say…

“College was the best four years of my life.”

I can agree with this comment to a certain point. Being I am only a second-semester freshman I have not experienced EVERYTHING, but I can tell you this college can be pretty awesome at times, but depressing at others.

3 reasons college SUCKS!

1. Friends
In high school, your best friends consist of the people you see every day whether that be a teammate, classmate, or pal since kindergarten. However, in college, you go from seeing your best and closest friends every day to maybe once a month if you’re lucky. The people who know you best and who you goof around with the most, you’re only able to contact now through the hands of a cell phone. That SUCKS!

2. Family
I don’t know if you know this, but at college, you are not surrounded by your family. That may sound like freedom to some or a horror to others. For 10/18 years at home, my family all lived within 5 minutes of each other. That may sound terrible, but it really wasn’t. Sometimes you got tired of one another, Christmas and Thanksgiving weren’t that special because we kinda got together about once a month. But, at college, you don’t necessarily see your family once a month. You go from the entire pew at church, filled with your family to going to church with your few friends. Don’t get me wrong you can still be present through Facetime, but you begin to miss aspects of life at home that wouldn’t think you ever would have; like spontaneously going out to eat. Every college kid knows to take free food when they can get it, but you don’t realize all the free food you had until you are at college. Not having your family around SUCKS, so appreciate them while you’re at home

3. Animals
PSA: You are not allowed to take animals besides a fish to college. Your family may not be as crazy as mine, but the fact that I don’t have any of my seven animals with me at college SUCKS. Yes, I did say seven (three dogs and four cats) You know the saying “everyone has a home.” Well, in this case, we are that home. So, coming back from class not being greeted by a bark or meow, only the silence of you dorm SUCKS! It’s quite lonely on some occasions actually.

3 reasons college ROCKS!

1. Permission
You can basically do whatever you want when you want (legally). If you want to take a four-hour nap, go for it! Binge watch Netflix, have fun! Stay up all night doing weird things with your suite mates, I’m all for it! Mom is not there to tell you what to do, however, she probably is in the back of your mind guiding you to make the right decision, but she is not physically there. However, with the freedom of college comes responsibility. You have a lot of freedom, but don’t abuse it. Go to class, do your homework, stay on top of your studies, or else you’ll end up back home next semester.

2. Friends
I mentioned earlier that college sucks because your friends whom you’ve basically spent every moment with for the last four years, you now hardly see. On the contrary, you get to make new friends and experience the next four years of your life together. But your friendships at college are like your friendships in high school but on steroids. For me my best friends mainly consisted of my roomate and suitemates, so my first semester of college was like a sleepover with my bffs, but every night, it ROCKED! Also, your new college friends, you now experience different things together and basically completely rely on them because Mom isn’t there to help you with the minute dilemma that you are being dramatic about.

3. Education
Education: “the reason we are at college.” Sure…
For the past 18 years so to speak you have been experiencing life, learning what goes on in the world; what your hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes are. Now, college is the time to put what you’ve learned and like into action in a form of a career. All of the vast careers you’ve dreamed of as a child are now coming to life. (how cool)
Your past years of education have prepared you for the next four years. You finally get to take classes that interest you (kinda, you still have to fulfill your gen ed requirements) it ROCKS!